The Independent project – MAXXI Museum, Rome

February 13, 2017

Within the context of Maxxi museum’s The Independent project, Urban Gorillas and co. are presenting Urban Spectacle, a series of public interventions exploring basic human activities in urban spaces, starting out from the relationship that is established between observer, player and spatial context and attempting to spark a new dialogue between them.

The project is designed to encourage people to overcome stereotypical ways of looking at “the other” and to interact with them in public spaces.

A research conducted under the Urban Spectacle series to date has revealed for example that the public spaces in Cyprus are currently underused and socially segregated, a factor that has invited new and innovative methods of planning of public space. What has emerged is a wide-ranging action with urban interventions in various contexts within the city.

THE INDEPENDENT is a research project focusing on the identification and promotion of independent spaces and thinking; it is the manifesto MAXXI has chosen to use to extend the confines of the museum institution, investigate the contemporary and encourage the culture “of difference”. The project explores the contents of the most innovative creative forces, monitors the growth of Italian and international independent spaces and spreads critical and independent thinking. It offers a space for sharing contemporary experiences and investigates the research of non-institutional channels.

A black box placed in a public environment with marshmallow sticks waiting to be taken and a stack of notes ready to be written. The artist of this installation wants to witness and narrate how a pass-er-by would be intrigued enough to stop and see what the installation is about and what it represents. Once the concept was understood, whether or not they would inter-act by either taking candy, replacing it with a message or simply dis-missing it. What is interesting is how the reaction of each individual also leaves behind a small part of their personality… something of their character.

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