Athina Frenaritou was born in Larnaca in 1980. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts and a Master Degree in Design. Over the years, she has participated in several group exhibitions in Cyprus as well as abroad.

She is interested in creating art installations in public areas, and her projects involve an element of interactivity and the direct involvement of the public. Essentially, her art is autobiographical. Through her artwork, she tries to express her concerns, and among these concerns is her need to travel. Therefore, she creates a project that consists of a diverse variety of materials we all use daily, which she converts into small, autonomous and visual installations. Each project reflects thoughts and events that derive from her daily life. She writes, refutes, speculates- draws and paints- rips up- glues together-adds-eliminates and removes-talks and discusses all at the same time. Every project narrates and expresses another personal story. Whatever comes, is created holistically together.



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